Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

These two photos cover it pretty well I think.
The Honor and Dignity of a military funeral service, and the families left behind to remember.

Please forgive me, but I have something that I need to get off my chest.

Today (Sunday) I ran into Radio Shack to buy a 1/4" TRS plug.
Fixing band gear, as usual. $3.99 plus tax, versus $7.50 to replace the cable.
The young idiot behind the counter had already made me wait several minutes while he fapped in the back room, and used nervous and bad conversation to try and make up for it.
The stunner was when he asked if I was "...having a good time this Memorial Day...uhhh...tomorrow?"
He must have thought I was a typical jackoff like him who uses Memorial Day as an excuse to get loaded on Sunday because they have Monday off for recovery.

The best part was as I was walking from the counter to the door and he called after me "Hey man, have a Happy Memorial Day".


I didn't have the self-control to set him straight without getting myself into big trouble.
Kept on walking...

I didn't tell him that on Monday I will be thinking about my dear friend who's father's body was in the casket shown above, and the little girl in the other picture who might not even remember her father at all but still goes to Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery with flowers.

I didn't tell him about the Laotian villagers who stripped whatever they could find from the wreckage of my father's plane, including uniforms from the dead.
Or about how it took almost 30 years for one of them to hand my father's dog tag to someone and point out where to dig--making 6 families wait all that time not knowing what happened.
My mother died years before the mystery was solved, so she never knew the true fate of her husband beyond the fact that he never came back from the war.

I didn't tell him that there are thousands of men and women facing horrible and deadly situations every single day while he only thinks about eating crappy BBQ and getting wasted with his buddies on Sunday and sleeping late on Monday.

Happy Halloween?
Happy New Year?
You bet!
But Happy Memorial Day?

It'll be a good day, and I'll have as much fun as possible, but every quiet moment might bring a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat as I Remember.


laanba said...

Beautiful photos in remembrance.

I was thinking about this the other day when the sale, Sale, SALE ads were blaring. How in the world did garish sales get linked up with our day of remembrance.

Good memories to you on this day.

Albatross said...

Thanks for this post.

Dave said...

Simply brilliant. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great post my friend! Sean