Monday, February 25, 2013

Guitar Nostalgia

First thing this morning I stumbled across this post on Facebook:
What a totally unexpected gift to see this great picture of one of my favorite guitars from way back when.

Bob mostly played rhythm guitar in Dirty Art, but only because I was really into the kind of metal popular in the early '80s. When we played Stones songs and other bluesier fare, he was the man on lead.
A few years older than I was, he went on to have a solid career and I'll always appreciate what he taught me.

I had completely forgotten about his being the only other person to play my doubleneck onstage, but the memory came right back when I saw this--I'm just astonished that he had a photo of the moment.
That guitar was amazing and got me a lot of attention.
I miss it dearly but now that the rest of the world knows what I knew way back then about 1970s Ibanez guitars, they are priced out of my reach. Last one I saw on Craigslist was priced at $1100, which is fair but too much for nostalgia's sake.

On the other hand...
Because it only saw limited use the 6-side got new strings every other week and the 12 once a month. My main guitars and basses have always gotten new strings weekly (or more often) when playing live or recording.
On those days when I had to change eighteen strings, it was a major blow to my wallet and spare time--don't miss that at all!

I have a set of new GHS Boomers for my bass, to be installed this coming Tuesday night:

After playing in Ft. Worth and Houston this year, Austin seems like a local gig.
Hooka Hey is a really cool band from Paris France, and the other acts on the bill are probably flattering non-specific comment because I haven't done my research.