Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mid-April Already?

One of my recent diversions has been exploring the capabilities of my phone's camera. It's a Galaxy S3 that I've had for a year now, and with all the attention Samsung has gotten with their "serious" cameras lately I finally got off my ass and took a closer look.
It's a fine Texas Springtime, so Bluebonnets are a natural subject:

Overall, not too bad. For a phone.
Being a photographer, I know what all the options available actually mean and how to manipulate them in my favor. And the options are comprehensive despite a few awkward glitches in the implementation.
At a recent party I ended up showing other S3 owners what I was doing and they got very excited by their own results.

Now that the S5 is out, and it's features and specs are pretty damned crazy, I'm looking forward to getting one free next year and skipping past the S4 entirely.
Samsung seems tapped-in to what the public wants in their mobile devices better than most.

In other news: 

I wrote a review on this blast-from-the-past here.
It was fun to pull out all the gear and do some "product" photography again.
Back in 2012 I managed to take over the cellphone and accessories category on Amazon and Ebay with shots like this, although it looks like they're all gone now. Still kinda miss it.