Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This Friday Is 1st Friday

This means that my "Highways At Night" series is as finished as time allowed and is being shown in public for the first time in print form at Blue Star in a few days.

A last minute change was reverting to my original title, 'Interchange'. It just sounded better, and is less literal. This page will accompany my prints as an explanation of sorts.

Here's a map to the gallery once you're inside Blue Star (@ South Alamo & Probandt across from Pioneer Flour)--it's easier to find than parking will be, but I hope local friends and family and fans will make the effort as I don't see my next show happening until September at the earliest.

Just a reminder--there will be plenty of free wine, beer is for sale nearby, or you can just bring your own if that's what you're into.
There are plenty of other galleries and music and weirdos to watch in a laid-back party atmosphere, so even if you only spend ten minutes at my show there is a full evening of entertainment in store.

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Japanese Tea Garden

What started as a grass-roots all-volunteer effort a few years ago has finally been completed. City funding cranked the project into high gear and made possible the last critical piece--the ponds are now patched and re-plumbed and full of water and koi for the first time in a decade or so.

The landscaping and flower beds were in good shape for our last visit in 2006, but the empty ponds were sad. Now we just have to wait for the water lilys to spread across the surface and it will be almost exactly like we remember from our childhoods.

Not a bad way to make an old quarry useful.
A must-see, and it's free.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fiesta Oyster Bake

Everclear played on the main stage before headliner Alter Bridge.
I like AB, but we left when Everclear was still playing because I wasn't on the clock anymore and if I'm not getting paid to listen to crappy music and a crappy mix, it just ain't worth it.
The food was great, the crowds were dense. Yes, I mean many stupid people packed tightly.

My band BLISS did a great job rockin' out on stage #3.
The first group of photos are here.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

1st Friday In May

This is the ad copy for May's show, with one of my highway shots in it.
Juan the gallery owner does a great job on these, and when it's over I might be able to get a poster of it.

So plan on coming to Blue Star on May 2nd.
Free wine.

The gallery will be open through Sunday I think, so if Friday is a problem for you...
I think my next show will be all fountains and flowing water.
Got enough of those to do a themed presentation, followed by small critters--snails, katydids, that lizard up on top of the page.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I Promise: No More Highway Photos?

Another profitable trip across town on a Tuesday night makes getting pics of the still-under-construction Loop 410 & 281 interchange nice and easy and quick.
Will be making the same trip in 2 days, so all promises are subject to nullification.

I don't need anything new for the show on May 2nd, but the subject and lighting conditions just suck me in.
Can't resist shooting this stuff.
When you think about how vital the highways are to your everyday life, and look at how sleek and modern yet retro they look (think Roman aquaducts) is it any wonder at least one person finds this project worthwhile?

In a first for me: Tonight I brought my camera downtown for a show and forgot a memory stick--it was still in the card reader connected to the computer. I have a nice case full of lower-capacity spares but they weren't in my bag either.
Missed a bunch of nice chances at getting something decent.
Never too old to learn--I'm going to stash a spare stick in my work bag and one in the car.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Secret Pond

This is in such an unlikely place.
That's why I always like to take random turns down unknown streets.

Monday, April 07, 2008

March Highway Photos

Just a reminder to new visitors: All pics on my pages are thumbnails, so please click on them to see the actual photos. There are details and subtle textures and hidden surprises if you look at them large.

A trip across town two weeks ago made it easy to stop and check out a new location on the way home. I only spent six minutes shooting and didn't move around much.

This is at the Loop410 and 281 interchange that's still under construction. Every new ramp that opens here makes getting around town much easier. I'm glad they haven't gotten very far with painting anything--it makes a nice contrast against the slick and beautiful ramps at 410 & 10 that I usually shoot.

This one will be printed for next month's Blue Star Gallery Show.
Tomorrow night I'll be making the same quick business trip across town and on the way back will be parking in a location I spotted while doing these. That should be enough to really finish the series--but I have more than enough already so anything new is already bumping older favorites from the show.

Snake News: Candy is about to shed his(?) skin, so the colors are faded and he can't see very well. Probably feels a little "tight" in his old skin. Cranky Snake!
On the plus side, when the shed is complete I'll be able to use the old skin to do a detailed scale count without dealing with a wiggly reptile, and can probably settle the gender question for good.
And the new skin's colors will be at their absolute finest so a new photo session will be scheduled.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

BLISS PhotoBlog Now Open

BLISS is my new band, and a link to their new photoblog appears with the others on the right side of this page.

I'll be posting my photos of the band plus upcoming dates, so check every week in time to make your weekend plans.