Monday, September 23, 2013

The Visitor

And if you are interested, I have another review over at 'thew's: Halo charger

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mounting Apprehension

In my last post (long time ago) I described how overwhelmed I was learning enough new songs to play my first show with The HITMEN.
With only two rehearsals, the show went better than any of us expected.
This popular SA cover band quit playing seven years ago, and dates back something like 15 years, so it's now a nostalgia act appealing to our old fans who's kids are grown and finally have time to hit the clubs again.
Too bad our drummer is quitting.
Double too bad that he's also the drummer for Televators.

We have his last show coming next week, and the only replacement for the Hitmen tested so far was too young and loud and green. A Televator drummer is going to be MUCH harder to find.
This situation makes me very nervous.

Last week I finally started working on my dad's rifle which was returned to me in late 2011 after spending over 45 years in Tennesee, as a distraction.
Had good luck at Nagel's gun shop on San Pedro and scored a scope mount that's got me in a workable situation for only $5. This restoration project is working out well, and cheap so far.
I originally thought this was a post-WWII German Mauser 98 action based on the deeply blued finish and quality, but looking closer I found swastikas and a "42". Hmmmm.
At this point the rear scope mount needs a shim consisting of something 50% thicker than a beer can of the cheaper brands, so I'm on the hunt for stouter beer.

The nicely figured pine underneath is a bench I've been building this week for our porch.
After replacing busted legs on a picnic table bench for my inlaws, then leaving it near the front door, we got kinda used to having a nice elevated place to set stuff down while getting our keys out.
We missed the convenience right away.
Spent many hours every day this week on construction and sanding, and it'll probably take a few more days before I'm ready to seal the pieces individually and bolt it back together.

It's something to do between anxiety attacks.
On the other hand, two of my dearest friends are lucky to be alive after a drunkass wrong-way driver crash last night.
My problems aren't so bad after all.