Monday, April 18, 2005

Got Power?

San Antonio gets most of it's electricity from
City Public Service's coal-fired power plants
located on Braunig and Calaveras lakes.
The coal comes from Wyoming's Powder River Basin
on a constant schedule of unit coal trains.
Here's one that's over a mile long rumbling through
downtown with 8800 horsepower up front.

CPS owns over 1500 of these cars, which are 50+ feet long
and carry 244,000 pounds of coal each.
They all have red corners and SATX reporting marks.

At the end of the train is another 4400hp locomotive
that helps push uphill and brake downhill.
A 135-car train hauls 16,000 tons at a time, and several
arrive each week while the empties head back to Wyoming.

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