Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Member of the Family

Almost stepped on it last night, slithering across our sidewalk.
An Albino Corn Snake that was obviously someone's pet before they either let it go (bad idea!) or it escaped.

It's been four years since my last reptile pet died, and corn snakes are just about the best snake there is.
Breeders charge 3x as much for albinos, and it's so pretty Sylvia is already calling it our snake so I guess I get to keep it.
Once the gender is determined she has naming rights.
I have three vetoes, and am hoping for 'Phoebo'.

It's a slender 3 foot long snake that's very healthy and docile.
Tolerates handling without any sign of alarm or biting.
Eats mainly mice plus lizards and small birds plus the occasional wild egg, and is a constrictor for exciting meal-time action.
Will provide many excellent photo-ops over the coming years.

I'm very excited about this lucky find--when caught it was heading straight towards the exact spot where it's tank sits now--I think that proves it was destined to be a member of the family.
Poor lost thing just knew in it's heart that we were the best chance it had not just for survival but also for quality care and love.

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Dave said...

Great picture.

Those things give me the willy's!