Thursday, June 05, 2008

Matthew's Reviews

This is one of the photos I had great fun making for yet another new website I'm involved with: Matthew's Reviews.
There's a link on the right side of this page, too.

Matthew Robertson lives in Toronto (Ontario Province of Canada) and when I was just starting out he was the first photographer to ever seriously critique my work in a helpful way by pointing out both mistakes and what I had done right. Under his gentle guidance I was able to make quicker progress than would have been possible otherwise, and I'll always remember what he did for me.
In fact, it was through him that I discovered the concept of photo blogs so Views Of Texas wouldn't have happened when it did without Matthew.
We soon became good internet friends and have kept in touch with both photography-related news and personal stuff over the years.

His newest project is Matthew's Reviews, a site devoted to reviews of products, places and services, and probably anything else worth talking about.
It's already seen an eclectic mix of subway stations and camera equipment and restaurants and scooters.
Now that Matthew has graciously invited me to join him in writing for the site, I've added my own take on some great flashlight accessories that I'm currently enjoying.

He started this site as a new hobby that only partly needed camera involvement and might appeal to the consumer in all of us.
After a few weeks I begged him to become involved, and now I eagerly look forward to both reading his next review and writing my own.
Please bookmark us and visit a few times every week to see what's new?

This is my 500th post here at Views Of Texas.
It's been a lot of fun, and having a single place where people can find most of my internet output is very convenient when it comes to business cards and email.
If you want to know where my band is playing next, it's in one of the links on the right side of the page.
Where was I last weekend? There are pictures here and there.
What's coming up in my life? Reading a few paragraphs usually gives a hint.

Thanks for visiting Views Of Texas and I love to read your comments.

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