Monday, May 25, 2009

"Shimmer Field"

The Lexington Ave overpass is where the new northward expansion of the Riverwalk starts, just behind the Municipal Auditorium.
Before, the sidewalks and lighting abruptly ended here so beyond this point it just looked like your average creek.

Here is the new view:
What I like is that instead of being a mixture of old and very old ideas and materials with sporadic band-aids and improvements, the new section is all new and therefore designed from scratch (with a nod to the past) and so completely modern in execution.
It retains the flavor, but is all new and looks like it was done right.

This is what lurks below the Lexington bridge.
'Shimmer Field' definitely shimmers over your head while riverwalking or riding a tourist barge.
Wire, string, colored glass, and some lights.
But the effect can't be appreciated from a still photo--and I really tried.

It's subtle and cool in color.
Artist Martin Richman did a great job.

How did an artist from across the pond get this gig?
We don't have someone local who can add interest to the underside of a bridge?
But now that we know his trick, don't be surprised if the entrance to the impound lot shimmers when you try to reclaim your towed car.

I look forward to shimmering rifle and guitar racks at the pawn shop.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kieth, I'm from Public Art Online's leading public art resource) and we'd really like to feature your photo's of Shimmer Field on our wesbite. I would give you full credit and link back to your blog of course. Could you let me know if this would be okay? Many Thanks, Jo Saucek (web editor).

KeithAlanK said...

That would be great, Jo. Thanks.