Sunday, July 05, 2009

It's The 4th Of July--America Celebrates

Burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, yum!
Family, fireworks, beer, yum again!

We decided to try "ghetto fireworks" by parking on the side of the road near a public display--it was less than a mile away.
I'm sure Dave knows exactly where we were.

It was hot, dusty, and fire ants or something were biting our feet.
Power lines, streetlights, a fence, and a lack of interesting subject matter on the ground limited my camera work to what you see here.
Check my archives for better stuff in 2006-7?

You need a tripod and manual camera control.
I found that a shutter speed of 1 second at f7.1 and iso100 worked for me.
Tungsten white balance gives the most accurate colors, in my opinion.

Happy Birthday USA!
Our founding fathers were some seriously smart guys.
We would do well to read what they wrote and try to get back to their original ideas of how this country should be.

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