Friday, November 13, 2009

Poor Little Dude

This post's title could refer to the damage inflicted tonight upon my zippy little red Honda, if the Prelude wasn't a her instead of a him.
The dude in question was a 16 year old with a brand new license (he looked 12) who pulled the family SUV out of a Shell station and crossed four lanes of Fredericksburg (@ Huebner) in order to collide with me.
Last second gas pedal mashing saved me from serious damage and a trip to the ER, according to the super-friendly cop behind me who heard the impact and then witnessed my heroic recovery techniques.

After the paperwork I was still able to drive across town for band practice so I could show off my new bass and write/record a new song, so it could have been much worse.

I'm glad the little dude's first accident was so minor, and that his mommy was able to arrive within minutes to comfort him.
When I had my first wreck 30 years ago it was a horrific head-on and our moms were either drunk or insane at the time--no damned help at all.

I'm going to need some body work but on the plus side my trunk lid, tail light, and gas door still work.
And the new bass survived!

But I might want to re-think driving red vehicles for the rest of 2009.
Between deer and kids I seem to have a target on my left side.


Dave said...

I trust no injury to the bass...

Glad it wasn't that bad.

laanba said...

Wow, you are being much nicer about it than I probably would have been.

KeithAlanK said...

He was so young and SO scared--your first accident is a nightmare, especially when you KNOW it's your fault.
I'm not happy about it, but when I think about the leftover insurance money that can go to Sony instead of paint...