Sunday, November 14, 2010

Candy Is Dandy

Snakes won't eat when their skin is too tight, so after shedding last week I knew Candy would be hungry.
First, she has to earn her meal by posing for the "Chair Project".

This is (was) the 2nd mouse:

Sylvia latest medal, from today's Rock & Roll Marathon:
I would have gone, but didn't wake up until 1:23pm. Oops.
(I haven't slept well all week)
I'm very proud of her--she came home to a bouquet of flowers sold to me by a couple of surly emo "girls" who'll never get another dime from me.
Hey, try not to let your hatred of men interfere with commerce?


Dave said...

Does PETA get upset when animals eat other animals? Just wondered.

Congrats to Sylvia!

Bruce said...

Looks as if you're keeping very busy down there in SA. Happy Thanksgiving.