Sunday, December 05, 2010

Riverwalk Views

I'm back, and as promised here are some scenes I shot tonight while scouting around downtown for this year's Christmas card photo.
To tell the truth, it took me a long time to get back in the groove after so long away from night photography.
Camera settings and tripod handling is second nature, but actually seeing and feeling the scene in front of me, and finding my vision of it, didn't come easily.

Tower Life Building as seen from La Villita.

Back wall of The Little Church At La Villita.

Shot a very similar view from this spot 2 years ago, and our card last year was shot from street level behind me.

The old courthouse on the left, I don't know what's on the right.

Finally, something I like.
Sylvia and I both went "Oooh!" when it popped up on the computer screen.
Not really sure why it works for me yet, but I trust my gut.
Still, it won't be on our Christmas cards this year--I can do better.
I have to do better, because in years past the bar has been raised pretty darn high.

What was funny tonight was how many times people would watch me working a scene with my DSLR and tripod, then slide into my exact spot with their pocket cams as soon as we left.
Hopefully this doesn't come off as arrogant, but I could tell that they weren't going to get usable results just by glancing at their cameras and techniques.
Every copycat brought home pics that are dark and blurry because in all cases my shutter was open for 2 to 10 seconds or more and there's no way to get anything decent hand-held even if they crank up the iso speed. Not at night.
I was a little flattered, but Sylvia took it personally and seemed highly offended.
She scoffed twice, and one time said "Good luck!", which was also flattering.

The freak show of tourists and locals was interesting, too.
Inappropriate/impractical outfits and bad hygiene kept us amused.
We were cracking each other up the whole time with a running commentary that would have gotten us shanked if we didn't speak in code.

I had a wonderful time!
The best part is that I get to keep doing it until the card photo is found.

What's also nice is that I have two from last year and '08 that I'm fine with using, so there's no pressure.

BLISS Video from Friday night is streaming at:


Dave said...

I love the lighting on the back wall of the church. Did you do that or is that how they have it lit up?

The bottom picture really is awesome. I also like how you got the wind to prop your flags on the Tower Life building!

Keith Alan K said...

That was a spotlight on site, Dave. Thanks for the comments.

Bliss video is streaming now:

Albatross said...

The old courthouse on the left, I don't know what's on the right.

That's the International Center, which used to be the Central Library before it moved to its current location in the enchilada building. Also in that building is Biga on the Banks, a very, very nice restaurant with tasty menu items. (It is a bit pricey, though; it's a special occasion place for us.)

Oh, and the Little Church picture gets my thumbs-up, too. It's different and unexpected, and appreciated.