Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Fine Hawk

Getting the mail yesterday I somehow spotted this hawk lurking in the big tree in our back yard:

It eyeballed me as I took 2 photos, then took off:
I was lucky to get this shot before it was blocked by the neighbor's house and trees.

* * * * * * * *
Does anyone remember that funny movie from the '80s where all the high school boys were horny?
OK, narrowing it down, they had a peep hole in the girls gym shower.
Kim Cattrall (pre-Mannequin) was nicknamed Lassie and the smell of gym socks made her howl?
Well, there's now a 2nd restaurant in SA named after that movie located in the old Red Lobster at 410 & Callaghan. (I think the original is on Culebra near downtown).

Don't go there!
Trust me.

We broke our rule about giving a new place a month to get their act together, and are now back to rigid enforcement.
2 burgers with fries/onion rings and sodas = over $16 = ouch + it better be really good.
Nope--the fries were soggy and the rings tasted like fish.
Tilapia, to be exact.
And when a burger is supposed to have onions, there should be more than 1 small circle.

But what sucked the most was waiting over 45 minutes for disappointing and overpriced food.
With no apology.
It's like they were driving to HEB for more meat and potatos after each order, as if the idea of needing to churn them out on a Friday night was a big surprise.

Our polite email giving them a heads-up got a reply that struck us as a lot of excuses.
Here are some gems, copied verbatim, leaving out the parts that had crazy bad syntax or made no sense:
"...we are a gourmet restaurant.

We prepare everything fresh and hand patty meat.

We are not a fast food restaurant."

(Got THAT right!)

I suggest you "hand patty meat" a little faster and some day you can work your way up to a slow food restaurant.
I grilled steaks with rice and corn for dinner tonight and it took less time, despite starting with a cold stove and frozen BBQ.

And for the record, fishy onion rings are unacceptable.
Fish gets it's own fryer--every idiot knows that.
I'll have to disagree with the use of the word gourmet.


Dave said...

So what you are saying is, Porky's is the Mr. Cod of burgers?

Keith Alan K said...

Pretty much. I wasn't allowed to pick-up our order for fear that I would cause a scene.

Albatross said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I actually entertained the idea of eating there to try it out. (Which means I have a Porky's coupon from my Entertainment Book.) I think I'll move on down to Ding How instead.