Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bad Year For Wildflowers...

Not nearly enough rain over the winter and into spring, so the dazzling displays we're used to aren't happening.
I've seen small patches here and there, but nothing special.

This is from last year:

But I have hoses and desire, so growing stuff around the house is still part of the plan.
I laid some sod today in a part of our lawn that's almost recovered from a state of pure dirt several times only to get lost again to drought.
Fertilized, watered, and cut the rest of our grass in the last week and it's getting greener every day.

Since moving here, I have grown and harvested (and eaten!) Anaheim chiles, jalapenos, serranos, and banana peppers--all from seeds! Most of my potted crops lasted at least two years, but only the jalapenos were a huge success when it came to cooking because...they're jalapenos!
Instead of seeds I started with seedlings from Home Depot this year, at the bargain price of $1.68 for 4.
These things are growing so fast and strong that I'm done fooling with seeds despite the satisfaction of coaxing life from the tiny flakes of heat.

They have tripled in size already and...are those blossoms I see?

Flowers = Food

In previous years I would be lucky to get fruit by late July.
Looks like I'll be making fresh salsa before June.

Since they are in pots I've been bringing them inside when the temps get into the 40s at night, like they have this week, to keep from slowing their progress. And this batch will stay in the pots.

Next year is another story.
I really hope to have put in a small backyard garden by then.
No big plans--just the Holy Trinity of TexMex cooking: Peppers, Onions, and Tomatoes.

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