Tuesday, February 21, 2012


One thing you may not guess about me, what with all the rock bands, guns, and yard work that gets featured here, is that I really enjoy antique shops and flea markets.
We will drive to Boerne, New Braunfels, Fredericksberg, Bandera, Blanco, Helotes, etc to poke into the dusty corners looking for old stuff.
Locally, we get our fix at both Craftiques locations, but prefer the closer Bandera/Poss store to the bigger one on NW Military/Braesview.

Craftiques is unusual for the "Craft" part, which usually translates to crappy birdhouses, cheapcheapcheap homemade jewelry, and other useless junk, although sometimes we'll be impressed by a creative idea well-executed.
We go for the 'tiques.

On Sunday there were so many odd and disturbing items I shouldn't have bothered putting my phone away, because it kept getting pulled out again 2 minutes later.

I just thought this was ugly, and except for the glimpse of lamp cord never saw how it's supposed to light up. But according to the tag it's a TV lamp.

This diving helmet barometer was pretty bad at a distance, but the "With Deep Friendship" bit cracked me up. Whoever thought of that should work for our newspaper, which is full of weak, obvious, and downright stupid headlines.

For some reason there were nuns everywhere. Last visit, not a single one.
I like how this one's hands have bubble wrap. No comment.

Creepy, on a swing.

Bizarre folk art or pottery class project.
Makes no sense to me.

N'Sync bobbleheads FTW!
If the fat one's (sorry, Joey Fatone's) face looks blurry it's because I couldn't resist checking the bobble factor.

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Albatross said...

That is loads of awesome. And it's right at Bandera and Poss? Man, I've got to get my wife over there to check some things out.