Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"The New Phonebooks Are Here!"

Actually, this is even better:

Televators first release is now available world-wide on iTunes.

I haven't heard this final mastering of Milk Run yet, but am confident that it sounds great based on earlier mixes--I mean, how bad can someone screw up my masterpiece?
(Don't answer that)

If you hate Apple or just don't have an iTunes account we'll be releasing our stuff on several other online outlets soon, or you could just show up at our next show:

Televators will hit the stage around 11:30pm to perform all of our original songs plus a few select covers.
We'll also play the official release of Milk Run nice and loud over the PA system during the intermission between bands.

It's a funny thing--in your head you picture some kind of dramatic setting when important news arrives, just like in the movies.

Got the call to join Televators while browsing kitchen utensils and picture frames at a local ROSS store.
The text re: producer Lee Popa wanting to make us famous came while running sound at a flea market on a cold Sunday morning.
Found out about iTunes in a text while buying crappy spare batteries and a shortass roll of duct tape from Dollar Tree.

I mean, it's such an incredible feeling when a song you wrote is suddenly rubbing shoulders with the greats (and not-greats) in the best-known online music marketplace...tingles and tears describes it nicely...but there's no lucky coincidental fireworks when you walk into HEB afterwards, or then go home to do the dishes and clean the stove.

Maybe IF I ever get to hear my music on the radio or TV, it'll happen in some kind of Hollywood universe where I'm surrounded by people who give a shit?


Nothing ever happens in real-life the way it's portrayed in the movies.
Except for Spinal Tap.


Matthew Robertson said...


(I've had it playing in a loop since I saw this. SO glad I check VoT every morning.)

Keith Alan K said...

Thanks Matthew!
Positive reports are coming in from all over the world, but I'll always remember that you were the first.
What sucks is that I still haven't heard it! iTunes password issues be damned I have it on a flash drive now, but it's too late at night to crank it.

The Germans love my bass work, which makes sense.