Friday, July 27, 2012

Fawns And Stuff

Spotted in a neighbor's front yard recently:

Judging by size I guess they were born in the most recent batch.
Taller than cats, but not by a whole lot.

While daytime deer sightings are common, unguarded babies are another story.

If they are munching people's gardening they're obviously weaned and mama must have decided it was time to boot them out of the nest:
Too bad mama didn't school them on the dangers of the 'hood.
I was doing yard stuff, then creeping close for pictures, and the expected fear response never kicked-in.
Kinda worried about these little guys...

While navigating Blogger to make this post I noticed something odd on top of my dashboard:
I cropped it tight, but this is actual size.
WTF does it say?

Let's crank up the browser's magnification to 300% and see if it's legible:
I hate the new Blogger interface.
It reminds me of the time I tried using Wordpress--not a good experience and I never could get either one to work in a logical or error-free manner.

Hopefully the bugs have been killed by now.

1 comment:

Dave said...

Cute! I saw one that small the other day and as it saw me pull onto the street, it jumped through one of the squares of field fence. Granted, the fence can spread a bit, but still, I was shocked that it made it through.

I sure hope your little friends can stay safe long enough to run fast when the neighbors see them eating their plants!