Monday, October 15, 2012

Impulse Buy?

On a Saturday afternoon way back in early March, we were doing our usual wander around town and stopped in at the pawnshop where I found my 8-string bass. Spotted a rare instrument, this mid-90s Ibanez Iceman Bass:
Always loved the pure RAWK! look of this design so I gave it a quick tumble and was amazed by it's (unplugged) response and sustain. Coincidentally, 43 minutes later I found another one at a funky little shop on N. St. Mary's:
A sign? The 2nd one didn't have any of the pawnshop Iceman's mojo, so it's much higher price wasn't a factor--I couldn't have afforded either one at the time. In late August while on lunch break from work I happened to go back to the same pawn broker and spotted bass #1 again and per standard practice for any item on the shelves for very long, the discount was deep:
Still hadn't caught on... It took another five weeks for me to realize that not only was the deal way too good to pass up, but that constantly looking at these photos for most of 2012 was a sign that part of my brain at least was in love--I just wasn't paying attention. Iceman Bass is on lay-away and I hope to bring it home in time for Televator's next show.
This will be our last live performance of 2012, so if you have nothing better to do, etc.

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