Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Night Lights

The Riverwalk's new LED lights aren't all that great in my opinion.
We actually liked the trunk-wrapped look that debuted last year, only to be shot down with howls of outrage.

The new ones return to the draped canopy installation of the past, but aren't very bright and aren't nearly as big as the old tungsten bulbs, so to me it's all compromise and no improvement. I'm glad there's variety around downtown, at least.

After a quick walk around to scope things out, I only shot a few frames from the 6th level of that parking garage between Commerce and Market with the spirals.
Since I used a River shot on last year's Christmas card I plan to go in a different direction for 2012.

Just finished re-stringing a guitar I snagged at a pawnshop yesterday that's destined for a needy family.
Apparently the kids didn't want any presents this year, just a guitar for daddy so he can play and sing to them again.
(I get misty-eyed every single time I tell this story)

The one I picked has some cosmetic damage that looks worse than it is, but that enabled me to get a MUCH more expensive instrument and stay under budget.
Could have easily spent twice as much for a pretty piece of crap, while this one is a real player that just needs some love.
Hope they like it.

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