Sunday, January 13, 2013

Friends With Benefits

I love taking pictures of my new bass, even using my phone instead of a "real" camera:
This was taken in the "backstage" area where all the bands kept their gear right before and after playing a 30 minute set.
Televators took part in an all-day benefit show for a family whose house burned down in a suburb north of Ft. Worth TX.

We had a prime time slot, from 10:00-10:30, that gave us way more people than the earlier bands but still let us get home (and blog) before sunrise.
The drive up and back was relaxed with no major malfunctions, traffic through Austin didn't blow goats for a change, and we played a great set to a crowd that were digging what we do.

Sure was cold up there, though.
A couple degrees above freezing.

This was the first time I got to ...just play my damned bass!! for Televators without having to put any thought or labor into the sound and lights, and it made a huge difference in my mood and performance. Scambling around putting out other people's fires is fine if that's my job description, but now that I'm transitioning out of the soundman game I really hope to have more shows like this where I can concentrate on the music.

It's a major PITA to run these multi-band productions and the soundman was a total pro all night. A nice kid with a future in this business. Turns out he's also a bassist--in two minutes of conversation we were best friends.

In two weeks Televators are joining a big multi-band tour for one night in Houston and with any luck it'll be as smooth and satisfying as tonight.
Details as soon as I get them.

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