Thursday, April 25, 2013

Trout Creek

While uploading a pic to Flickr I decided to play with their map feature, and ended up discovering that these next photos are from Trout Creek, not Cold Creek as I originally thought. Cold Creek crosses the main road nearby so I just assumed...

It's right across the street from our rental house (and down a steep pine needley hill) and I discovered it the very first day in Tahoe.
The next afternoon while the girls napped after snowmobiling I put on my tactical boots and grabbed the Sony F828 infrared camera and a monopod. This was an excellent choice, although it just occurred to me that I never went back with the Alpha 200 and a selection of lenses to shoot it in color.
Oh well, never going back so it's water under the bridge.

Just now I've been experimenting here with PhotoShop infrared to black & white conversion techniques, so results may be a little scattered.

This was one I edited on the laptop right after shooting it. Don't remember why I allowed some false color to remain.

Like anywhere you go, there was plenty of boring, uninspiring, and downright ugly views in the Lake Tahoe area.
Right near downtown there was a nasty old van in the corner of a parking lot trapped by berms of dirty snow that I meant to shoot at some point, but now I'm glad I didn't.
It was an incredibly beautiful place for the most part and I hope some of my pictures did it justice.

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