Friday, May 17, 2013

A Golden State Of Mind

The SPURS finally put the GS Warriors away, and not a minute too soon.
Had this playoff round gone to a 7th game Memphis would've gotten way more rest than is good for us.

Sylvia and I went to Game 5 on Tuesday night because in the worst-case scenario of losing 2 in a row it could have been the last home game of the season and I didn't want to let it end without seeing at least one wild and loud playoff game. Great win for our boys, and we had more fun than a barrel of drunken monkeys.
The season ticket grannies in front of us didn't think we were capable of commiting fouls, and our turnovers prompted a reaction that sounded like you had spilled hot tea on their autographed picture of Barry Manilow AND 31 percent of their kitties.
We had a fantastic time, and I finally figured out what to eat at the ATT Center that isn't gross/cheap or a pain in the ass. An 8" long pizza roll from the food truck just inside the entrance to the courtyard, and a big hot pretzel bought at halftime = Tasty Treats!!

This series was rough, especially compared to our sweep of the LA Fakers in Round 1.
GSW is a team that has earned the respect of us all, and had Lee and Curry been healthy it's a sure bet we wouldn't have survived. Without our impossible and heroic comeback in game 1, the discussion would center on vacation destinations for the Spurs.

Sunday 2:30 local time we dare the Grizzlies to try and take a game in SA.
The same Memphisbastards that bounced us out of the playoffs in 2011.

The mighty Mississippi River as seen from Cybil Shepard's front yard in Memphis TN.

These are some pics I took on Beale Street in 2011 which include your typical Grizzly fans:

Unlike San Antonio, Memphis wisely located their new basketball arena in the heart of downtown.
(AND their baseball park!)
This is where we are going to have to win some games, and the sooner the better:

Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green, and Cory Joseph have been annointed the Spur's "Medium 3" by the press and I couldn't agree more. Thanks for bringing it. Keep it up.
Splitter will have to get over his now ancient-history sprained ankle and bang hard to help us survive Randolph and Gasol, and the bench had better rise up to their potential, too.
Guys that saw spot minutes in the previous series due to matchups had better be hot and ready like Little Ceasar's.
Bonner, Blair, Neal, De Colo, Mills, Baynes, and of course Tracy MacGrady should come out hard or we're toast. I can see Aron Baynes muscling-up on Zach for some good minutes to rest Timmy.
I have full confidence in TD21, TP9, and Boris, and that's really not enough.

As always Ginobili is a big wild card.
The plays he makes are the stuff of legend but his bad passes and ill-advised chucking can break your heart.
When a locker room reporter asked former Spur Stephen Jackson about what it will be like in the future when Manu's twin sons are both in the NBA he replied "Man, that's a lot of turnovers".

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