Saturday, June 29, 2013

Okay, I'm Over It

SO close!!
My spirit was crushed for over a week, and life had no meaning.
Time to move on and make the Spurs better enough to go all the way in 2014--won't take much!!

Televators News: We are playing at Leather & Lace in Austin this coming Wednesday July 3rd, and back here in SA at The Falls on Friday the 5th, and Boneshakers the 6th.

Our nephew Aaron is graduating from basic training at Lackland AFB (SO proud of him!) and related events are also scheduled for July 3,5, & 6. Going to be a busy week.
Good thing I can kick back on the 4th of July, right?
Nope--my first time running sound for the brand-new country band 5th Wheel is on the 4th. It's a rougher, harder-rocking country band than my last one so I look forward to finally hearing what I've gotten myself involved with.

My pepper crop this year is coming in nicely.
The jalapenos and serranos taste great and have good heat.
The chili piquins that wintered in the garage are plentiful, but both of my very old chiltepins aren't fruiting so it's a good thing I found an amazing wild specimen in the alley that's going to get dug up and potted when I get the time. This lush little round bush already has enough Scoville units to blister the mouths of everyone within a rifle shot.

I want this:
A little too white for my tastes, although it has the advantage of changing color depending on stage lights.
Perhaps some thin trim of fine wood veneers, or maybe airbrushing select areas of black.
Then there's steampunk details...

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