Friday, October 25, 2013

What Are The Odds?

I WAS having a good morning....

Plumbing repair the night before was a success.
Lawns were mowed and looked better than they had in years.
Weather couldn't have been better.
Gunstock refinishing was turning out better than expected.

Then it happened, and fast.

My PC slowed to a crawl, then went down. Some critical Windows files are corrupted, so the hard drive is failing.
Within the hour a spill in the kitchen took out my laptop.
It's hard drive is toast, but I'm hoping I can recover files from the PC.
My tech taught me a neat trick involving a big downloaded file on a CD that'll boot the PC into a Linux environment so I can copy folders to my external drive. Gonna tackle that tomorrow.

When I texted Buz, he said that out of the blue he was getting "slaughtered" by all the calls from his customers who've got stuff crashing. My original theory was the big solar flares, but they happened later in the day. Or something to do with ObamaCare. More likely is that my PC's drive was used when I got it a few years ago, and they ALL fail eventually. The laptop was my own damn fault.

In the meantime, I'm glad I keep my old PC tower next to my desk--it's saved my ass kept me connected more than a few times.

Oh, and here's that Mauser stock after 2 coats of TruOil®:
Can't decide if I want to end up glossy or matte.
Applied the third coat tonight.
TruOil® (by Birchwood Casey) is a fantastic product. It's made by a gun product company, but turns out it's popular for fine furniture and guitars, too.
Going to have to write a review for Matthew's website after I try it on something else.
My shotgun's stock looks kinda crappy...

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