Saturday, January 20, 2018

Christmas Card 2017

Sylvia was going to the ATT Center to watch the Spurs beat the Boston Celtics so I dropped her off at The Quarry to meet our friend. 
I had brought my new camera and tripod and warm clothes, intent on doing some recon for our annual Christmas Card Photo. 
Had a few locations in mind, but also slipped into the familiar "bending like a reed in the wind" mindset--ending up in our favorite "secret" parking lot on the Riverwalk behind The Pearl. 
Started walking while shooting with my phone--taking notes, really--and it was fun because we had just gotten new Samsung Galaxy Note 8s which kick ALL kinds of ass. 

When I came onto this scene I set up the "real" stuff, and had this shot in a couple of minutes. 
Using it's built-in Wifi I sent it from the Sony A6000 to the Note 8 and took a good look at it on the big screen. Then I sent it to Sylvia, because I was heading home and she wasn't going to have to follow me around town for a couple of nights, shivering and bored.  


I expected trouble, because the search for our card picture is a tradition--something we always do together. 
But Sylvia saw it and loved it and you can't argue with success. 

The Alpha 6000 is by far the finest night/tripod camera I've ever owned. 
It's exactly what I designed in my head many many years ago. 
Love using it, and great results. 

Now to find crazy deals on some more lenses, or the deluxe lens adapter so I can use my 3 older A-mounts. They're at the bottom of the range price and quality-wise, but the fact remains that I really like the results for a lot of what I do. 

As for the Note 8, I have some things to say about it's cameras in a future post. 

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