Monday, April 30, 2007

The Charreada (Mexican Rodeo)

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On Sunday, the last day of San Antonio's annual FIESTA! celebration, we went to the Charreada.
These monthly events (except during winter) are held by the San Antonio Charro Association.

The grounds around the keyhole-shaped arena (lienzo) were completely open to the public, so I wandered around looking for interesting scenes.

During the opening ceremony a stallion became excited to the point where it was obvious, if you know what I mean. Then he attempted to mount a mare whose rider was holding the flag of Mexico.
Quick action by the charros prevented an international incident.
We all had a good laugh, but I didn't want to get caught taking pictures of something like that so you'll have to settle for these candids of cowboys and charros.

I'll get to the action next post, in a day or two.

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