Friday, April 27, 2007


Night In Old San Antonio happens almost every night during the weeklong FIESTA.
Held in La Villita, it's not the place to go if you hate crowds but the beer & wine, music and food from our various historical ethnic groups can help lure even the most agoraphobic among us.

Lonesome Louie, the One Man Band

The Tower just after sunset.

Lately the elevators keep getting stuck. They're external, running up and down the dark channel seen here, on three sides.
Landry's™, who bought the Tower concession rights and completely overhauled it last year including the restaurant on top, is pissed at the city for not getting the elevators fixed correctly or replaced.
After a handful of incidents where passengers were stuck for up to several hours, nobody wants to take a chance that they'll be next, so business is going in the toilet costing Landry's millions (or so they say).
The Tower has stairs, but even healthy people think twice about using them since it's 750-odd feet tall and has thousands of steps.

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