Sunday, December 30, 2007


Infrared capture of an abandoned industrial building--possibly contaminated.

Here's a 1024x768 version--making the smaller one above was a headache due to moire patterns being created in the ribbed area. I finally tried resizing with IrfanView for the 800x600 version and it worked. Irfan's lanczos filter is different from Photoshop's bicubic resizer.
You can even see different poire patterns in the two thumbnails!
After a very brief flirtation with colored infrared photos I've gotten bored and gone back to strict black and white conversions of my IR photos.
The Mission photos and the ones I shot today (more coming to Views Of Texas soon) have convinced me that this is where I need to spend my time and energy.
Getting good B&W from digital is problematic at best, and I'm really enjoying the way my latest conversions are coming out so I think I'll forget about color/IR.
Besides, everyone else is doing them now and better than I ever could so I'll stand out more by sticking to monochrome.

My new flash and radio triggers shipped Friday. I expect the flash Monday or Wednesday but the triggers will take longer, coming from Hong Kong. I have a giftcard waiting so I can buy new batteries for the Cactus V2s, and will charge the new AA's for the flash tomorrow. I also have an old cellphone that's going to 'donate' it's antenna to the transmitter, for more range. I've been a Strobist wannabe for over a year--it'll be great to finally put all the knowledge and ideas to use. And then I'll be wanting another flash and receiver...

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