Tuesday, November 04, 2008

More Air Show Goodness

The Blue Angel's show is fairly long, so I have a ton of pictures do choose from.

The new camera generally kicked the old one's ass at this task, although my autofocus made more than a dozen huge errors.
At least it made the errors very quickly!
Time to read the manual again.
Last time I switched my old camera to manual focus and locked it at infinity which worked very well since the planes are so far away, but the longer focal length lens and faster frame rate of the Alpha300 were great as was the physically much larger sensor with twice the pixels.

Civil Air Patrol Cadets(?) put on some rifle drills using flashy but completely fake M1 Garands.

Makes you wonder where the nickname came from.
It was an F-5, the 3rd-world fighter version of our '50s-era T-38 supersonic trainer that still flies today.

I have my two favorites still to show you, and will look through the folder for any overlooked items of interest.

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