Monday, September 07, 2009

Pearl Brewery & RiverWalk

Went downtown last Tuesday to fetch the awesome framed print that the San Antonio Museum Of Art made of my photo for their show.
Now that it's no longer 102 degrees F every day I decided to cruise over to the nearby Pearl Brewery complex to take some pics.
Urban reclamation at it's best, the former beer factory now houses a culinary school, shops, etc.

This old electric engine used to carry beer from the brewery to shipping points and local customers on tracks laid down in the middle of the street.

Leaf & Coil Springs
They did a nice restoration but I've been into detail shots lately so there are no pics of the whole subject.

A cute bird hunting on the river.

I really like my cheap DT 55-200mm Sony lens.
A list price of $229 should trigger warning bells, and getting it for only a mere $100 kit upgrade made me suspect it was utter crap.
But results are all that matter, and except for it's tendency to completely miss focus when max-zoomed it has a certain image quality that I really enjoy.
Spends way more time mounted to my Alpha300 than the 18-70mm kit lens.
Way Way Way more time.
Curved aperture petals help smooth the out-of-focus areas in a nice way.

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