Monday, October 05, 2009

Three For Free

The last week has been a blessing.
Free tickets rained down on us, and we got to attend some seriously great events.

I had to work, but Sylvia got 11th row seats at the UT game in Austin last Saturday.
It was hot and sweaty, but fun. She had a great time.

On Monday, we both got to attend the Metallica concert at the ATT Center.
In a corporate box.
With a parking pass that had guys shouting out orders and moving cones and I swear, bowing a little as we got to play bigshot and only had to walk about 30 feet to the entrance.

As expected, James, Lars, Kirk and Robert put on a great show.
The production was big and very professional.
Their sound engineer is almost as good as me--loud as hell but no ringing ears afterwards. I could explain how we do this but it would take a long time and you might fall asleep halfway through.
Best concert I've seen since Pink Floyd at the AlamoDome, although TransSiberian Orchestra is right up there, too.
Thanks, Julie!!!

Today we saw our third free show, and it made me get a little teary-eyed.
The SPURS played a full game against themselves at the ATT Center!
Silver against black, refs in shorts, no uniforms, Coach Pop in the stands, the Coyote and Silver Dancers, 1 dollar hotdogs and sodas, free admission, free parking.
Timmy Duncan won the 3-point contest after the game with 5/12 shooting!
All the new guys looked great, as did Manu and Tony, etc.
Bonner was hitting his 3s--"Everybody Clap Your Hands"!
New wingman Richard Jefferson was funny and charming when he MC'd the 3-point duel. You can tell this guy is already family.

After a summer spent making smart trades, smart draft picks (steals, more like!) and picking up some great free agents, the Spurs are looking healthy and hungry and deep.
This roster is the best I've ever seen, with every position filled with two talented guys and another trying to make the cut.
We're younger yet more experienced at the same time.
Crafty vets and talented youngsters--sweet!
Everyone is healthy and prepared to start slow and easy for the long season ahead.
The coaching staff has dropped a huge number of set plays from the book to help speed-up the learning curve for all the new guys, and their plan is to just let Tony Parker run the show and call it on the fly.
After what Tony showed us last season, this is a very smart move.

Timmy dropped 15 lbs, which is great news for his knees.
George Hill looked confident and smart on the court today.
He'll be a star point guard someday, with TP's help.

#21 Tim Duncan has only a few more years in his contract and his body, and the story goes that everyone in the Spurs organization, from majority owner Peter Holt on down to the towel boys, think he would look just dandy with a fifth championship ring for his thumb.
This summer was all about getting him that ring, and everything I've seen today tells me that we have the right people and mentality to make it happen.

I'll miss Bowen and Oberto and Kurt Thomas's crazy eyes, but the time to clean house was now.
Let's all agree to show our support and go to more games this year?
We need to do our part and help pay the luxury tax penalty incurred with all this rebuilding.
Even $10 nosebleed seats get you a really good time.
Drop $15 more for Parking Lot #9 and you can get out super quick and be home by 11pm--my dirty little secret that's worth every penny.
(Come up Houston Street from Walters and use the Freeman Coliseum entrance--tell the dudes you want Lot 9 and you can thank me later).

Pre-season games start on Tuesday against the Houston Rockets.
I'm almost crazy with anticipation!
This is the year I get a Spurs logo tattoo.


Albatross said...

I've said it before, you've got good friends with great gift-giving abilities!

Today I think I got an invite to play Mafia Wars on Facebook.

KeithAlanK said...

Might seem like it.
Of course, I'm too much of a gentleman to list all the times my so-called friends have completely let me down or screwed me over.

Free tickets are small consolation for losing one's faith in humanity and/or getting unwanted jailhouse tattoos.

Can you learn how to cause "accidents" on that there Mafia Wars thingy?

Albatross said...

Sure, but it would be a shame if anything bad were to happen. Capiche?