Saturday, February 20, 2010

The 789 By N2A

The company name N2A stands for No Two Alike, meaning that they will never duplicate one of their custom cars for another customer. All original.

The 789 makes me a little crazy--it's my favorite model by far.
First, you either provide a 2005-2009 Corvette ($60,000) or pay N2A to find one for you. That's your performance and reliability right there--you know the 789 is going to haul ass and corner like it's on rails.

See? All 'Vette inside, plus under the hood and everywhere else.

But the body that N2A hangs on your 'Vette is insane.
They take the look of the nose from a '57 Chevy, the sides from a '58 Impala, and the tail of the '59 (all the sexiest bits!) and make them from 80% carbon fiber and 20% fiberglas (so the paint will be smooooth) all for the bargain (?) price of another $80,000.

This is what money looks like.
The sky's the limit for upgrades beyond the minimum $140K.
And no 2 are alike.


Went to the Rodeo today and took 421 photos. Can't face the idea of editing so many, but should have a few for you on Sunday.

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Maria Wegner said...

Woah, that’s a sick car! When I saw it, I immediately thought that it was a classic car (slab-sided, the usual convertible set-up). But when you look at the rear end, it’s a different story. The rear headlamps and the exhausts are definitely futuristic. This is a must-have for our car enthusiasts out there!