Tuesday, February 02, 2010


My main harddrive failed yesterday.
If you have a Maxtor drive and it starts making a sound like your car's turn signal relay, it's already too late to save anything.

Last week's photos are gone (no biggie) plus a thousand bookmarks and a few dozen documents that can all be re-written if they're important enough.
Maybe 50 folders of stuff I grouped together for various reasons, which is the biggest loss from a convenience perspective.
Some mp3 conversions will need to be made again, too.
If I really gave a crap about the bulk of My Documents, I would have backed it up, right?

On a +plus side, the fix revolves around a much bigger harddrive for very little money, and I'll be moving to XP after a year of feeling that Win2K just wasn't getting the job done anymore.
(shut up)

***Just got off the phone with my tech (Buz is The MAN!) who helped me get our spare computer connected to the internet, so now there's less pressure to rush my rebuild--going to take my time and do it right.
He's sending me some cool new apps and double the RAM, which is doubly exciting.

I've been wanting to make these changes for a long time, so maybe this was a blessing.

Both Buz and the guy at my computer parts store recommend Seagate® drives.
I can definitely recommend against Maxtor, as they're the only ones that have ever failed on me.
We're dealing with a very small sample size here, but 100% of my Maxtors have failed compared to none of my others.
A very old Western Digital drive is still working, as is an equally ancient Fuji. They don't make them like that anymore...
My WD external is fine, but then it's still new--give it time.

A Maxtor external drive failed on me last year, so they are on my "No Buy" list forevermore.

Probably no new photos until the rebuild is done, so check back next week?

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Dave said...

I hate when that happens!