Saturday, March 20, 2010

Walker Ranch Park

One of my very favorite parks, but it has been discovered by everyone else.
Fortunately, the majority use the main entrance on West Ave--even parking on the grass and any other place where they can fit.
I use the "secret" lot at the end of Rhapsody, where there's always a few open parking spaces.

I have to time my photos carefully to keep a half-dozen random strangers out of them.

The zig-zag footbridge over Salado Creek has been the subject of some popular photos of mine, but this is the first time I used it solely as a high vantage point.
Timing is important again because people walking across (make that kids bouncing across) can set up a wicked vibration that'll ruin photos taken at longer shutter speeds like these.

Pure luck here.
Didn't have time to think or compose, and I really like it.

As always, if I post a photo in black & white it was taken with my Sony F828. This camera has a filter on the lens which blocks nearly all visible light, and is set to record only the infrared spectrum.
This is where the bright foliage and dark skies come from.

Now that using the F828 is as close to second-nature as shooting with my dead F717 was, expect to see more IR work from me.
Especially now that spring has arrived and the drought is over.



Albatross said...

Man, that one with the airplane in it is a stunner. Happy accident or pure intent, it's a marvelous work of art.

Good job.

Keith Alan K said...



Dave said...

Dittos on the shot with the airplane. The shots in black & white give the place such a rustic, out in the middle of nowhere feel to them, and then the modern jetliner flying through the scene is wonderfully out of place.