Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthday Beer

We went shopping for my presents tonight at Target.
Got some summer half-socks and a new garden hose.

I figured I needed to stock-up on beer for the long weekend's festivities, so we went down the drinky aisle.
A 12-pack of Miller HighLife bottles was $11.49, which is pretty normal.
Then I spotted a price label for a case of cans (24) at around $13.99 (a great price) but they were all out.

Then I found a single 30-pack (shown below) and lowered it gently into our cart.
I figured it was the right amount of beer, and the price had to be decent.

At the register, my beer wouldn't scan.
The little girl who had followed me around the store trying to help me shop (she wanted to kiss me--it was obvious) tried to help the cashier, but a more senior staff member whipped out a handheld UPC scanner that read my beer's price just fine.
$8.24 !!!
The 12 pack was $0.9575 per can.
The case was $0.5829 per can.
My birthday beer was $0.2747 a can.

I gotta say, when Target wants to get rid of old stock, they don't screw around.
I have found some incredible deals, usually 50-75% off. You just have to keep an eye on the endcaps that are against the walls.
Thank you for the lovely gift, Target.

They really fill up the bottom of our fridge.

On the bass front, this is the one I have decided to buy:
It's the 4-string brother of my 8-string, only a newer version with some upgrades.
I decided that having matched electronics, looks, and feel was important enough to go this route.
The price is right, so we'll be ordering it after I earn some money this weekend.
Then I get to spend next week tracking it, and scheduling my yard work and shower so that I can catch the UPS man on the porch to inspect the package and contents.
Normally our UPS guy rings the bell and takes off without a signature, but he'll not be getting away with such shenanigans on a purchase that's this important.

BLISS will be at ReBar on Broadway Friday to celebrate.
Saturday's show, I don't recommend.

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