Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not Much Happening...

It finally rained this week!
Being woken up by thunder, and lying in bed listening to the rain--sweeeet!

But then I found that the storm had done some damage--a big section of tree was cracked, but it landed on a lower part so taking it down was complicated and dangerous. I had to jump off the ladder with a saw in my hand, then later as it finally fell the rest of the way I almost got my arm torn off by the rope I was using to pull it free.
No pictures.

I DID take a picture of the tiedown bungee attachment thingies that I added to the front of my truck's bed.
It had a front pair already, but they are recessed in the floor and hidden under my bed liner. To install these I made some steel plates that are on the other side of the body's sheet metal, to distribute the stress better than any washers could.
Lots of drillpress and grinder action.
Best part was--these were salvaged from my old Mazda pickup right before I got rid of it. I was walking past it one day and saw them, and thought "I wish my new Dodge had those". It only took around 45 seconds before I realized that all it took was a wrench to get the process started.
Now the band's lights don't tip over when I haul-ass around corners.

Not much else to tell, so here's a picture of my basses:
I never get tired of looking at them.
Just wish I had more opportunities to play them.

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Albatross said...

Those are some beautiful basses. I bet they sound sweet, too.