Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tires And Tribulations

This weekend our new country band A Beautiful Mess has crossed the line from a good band to a great one.
Everyone is comfortable and confident now, so instead of worrying about what lyric or chord or sound cue is next, we're all in the zone and can push the music to new heights.

One big recent improvement is this Fender Telecaster clone that John built for himself--it's sound is perfect for the band and he plays the shit out of it:

We played in Kerrville tonight. The club has a patio overlooking the Guadalupe River. It was hot and steamy.

Driving home we saw lots of deer, but luckily they were on the sides of IH10 instead of bouncing off our truck.
The good luck held right to my door--as I got out, I clearly heard air hissing out of one of the trailer's tires. By the time I had unloaded my personal gear into the garage, it was completely flat.
Must have gotten punctured in the very last minute of a 125 mile round trip!
Compared to our last flat this was a dream scenario, as I was able to fire up my air compressor and refill the tire, then back the trailer into our driveway and park it.
Rikk got to go home with minimal delay, and I can deal with the tire whenever the hell I feel like it. And unlike last time, here at the house I have a nice big hydraulic jack and someone to help me.

I'm going to see what the Martinez Bros. can hook me up with for around $40, since this tire was already overdue for replacement.

I guess everyone got it wrong.
Tonight was The Rupture.

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Albatross said...

Tonight was The Rupture.

Heh heh.