Sunday, June 12, 2011


After a HUGE and FREE sirloin meal at the brand new Bandera/1604 Saltgrass Steak House™ (as part of their pre-opening "shakedown cruise") we went to a housewarming party. While there I managed to pour the exact amount of beer down my neck to give me the balls needed to tackle the final part of a week-long camera repair marathon.
It'll be a few more hours before I'm positive (waiting for epoxy to fully cure) but all signs point to success.
I won't go into all the details beyond saying that modern cameras suck compared to things like guitars and fences.
Can't get parts, disposable construction philosophy, a dozen different plastic formulas all press-fit together.
CAD/CAM is both a blessing and a curse.
NOTHING is designed to be repaired easily anymore.
I look forward to the day when digital cameras mature as a product and DON'T need to have a "Newer Better" model introduced every damn year.
During the film era, a camera could be on the market unchanged for 5-10 years or more so long as a competitor didn't invent some kind of groundbreaking new technology.
Standardization and Spare Parts is my mantra, like Fender guitars that can be fixed in any major city world-wide because there have only been minor changes over the past 50+ years.
Got an old Harley or Chevy?
Replacement parts are all over the place, including those made by vendors who saw a gap in the market and started making new ones for bikes/cars that are older than me.
Modern cameras?
Good luck!

Anyway, tonight was my deadline because we're driving up to Austin tomorrow for a friend's wedding and of course I'm expected to shoot some stuff for them.
I have plenty of other cameras (and we'll be taking several) but the Alpha300 is my workhorse.
Hopefully I'll be posting some Austin results instead of bitching about massive repair failure.

FYI: Flag Day is Tuesday.

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