Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just A Heads Up

If you leave your Harley parked for longer than 1 day, spiders will take advantage:

I was about to haul our trash container down to the street when I spotted this spider finishing a web between it and my brother's bike.
After shooting the video I decided to let the garbage wait until next week.
If Ken needs to go anywhere, wrecking a nice new web will be on his conscience.


Keith Alan K said...

The next morning I found the web demolished, but a new one of the same size and design stretched betwixt our recycling bin and the other end of Ken's Harley. That spider works fast, as seen in the vid. I have high hopes for his future.

Dave said...

Interesting. I have a big spider who has taken up residence between my trash can and shed. Each time I need to remove the lid, I have done so carefully enough that the web is only slightly messed with. He seems cool with the little arrangement and has rebuilt as needed for almost a month now. Obviously, this is proof my wife never takes the trash out, or he would be gone!