Thursday, July 14, 2011

The News Media...

...are clueless.

Accompanying a story in the SA Express News today is this photo of gunshop owner John Dury.
I think he's wearing that wonderful smirk on his face because he totally played the reporter and/or photographer.

The story was about the new ATF requirement that gun dealers turn-in the names of anyone buying more than one semi-automatic rifle of a caliber larger than .22LR.
In the story, pretty much every dealer contacted claimed ignorance of the new rule, which isn't surprising since the ATF have problems doing anything right.
(Randy Weaver, The Branch Davidians, the recently discovered operation that let a buttload of AKs and ARs get to the drug cartels with no arrests...and then got caught lying about it! Jeez...)

Anyway, I think Mr. Dury is laughing inside because he managed to get the reporting team to photograph a Remington 7400 instead of an "evil assault rifle" like the AR15's on the wall behind him.
The 7400 is a nice and expensive hunting rifle that only holds a 5-round box magazine, and while it's definitely under the purview of the new rule I seriously doubt that the cartels would EVER be interested in one due to the lack of firepower.
(By firepower I mean lots of bullets, since the 7400 can be chambered for cartidges that are WAY more powerful than the so-called "assault" rifles).
What he managed to do was promote the fact that law abiding citizens who happen to need two such guns at a time are now subject to a rectal exam by a reckless and irresponsible gov't agency, all because criminals are able to get guns no matter what anyone does. Which has ALWAYS been true--just look at NYC and Chicago.
Rather than let the clueless media demonize AR15s for the millionth time, he managed to inject a bit of truth into an otherwise biased report.

So us citizens lose a little more of our rights, and the criminals keep on as before.
This new rule is just an attempt to LOOK like they're doing something.
Trust me--it'll have zero effect.

The only way to keep guns and drug cash from crossing the border into Mexico is to control the damn border better.
Keep terrorists and illegals to the south, keep the guns and money to the north.

The Berlin Wall worked pretty well.
Mines, sentries, tanks, whatever it takes.

In unrelated news:

Man, that little storm on Sunday was delightful!
Finally got to use my windshield wipers for something besides bugs.

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