Monday, September 12, 2011

Quiet Contemplation

There's no possible way I could come up with an image of my own to represent my feelings about September 11, 2001.
That's why I waited until the anniversary was over to comment.
Fortunately, the work of the many journalists and photographers who were there ten years ago stands strong to this day.
We salute their efforts and thank them for telling an important story so well.

It pains me to know that so much of the world hates The United States.
We'll never win their love with free food, money, bombs, or the bodies of our children and parents, but that won't stop us from going down the same dark road again and again.
We as a people are stubborn and stupid, as are the jackasses we elect to office who don't even know which way to drag a plow.
But it only takes one smartass to turn things around...

I remain optimistic, and proud to be an American.

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Albatross said...

Me too.