Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Future Of Country Music?

My band A Beautiful Mess is playing again, with our long-awaited new singer:
After months of listening to the guys talk her up (I'm going to drive all the way to Converse for practice sessions where I'll have nothing constructive to do??) it turns out to be true: Natalie Rose is the real deal.
Maybe I can get her to name the second album with all the big hits Views Of Texas...and mention me at the CMAs?

We chose a delightful honky-tonk/restaurant in the blink/miss town of Belmont TX for our first shakedown gig. Low pressure, a built-in crowd of locals, and not much money at stake so no hard feelings if things don't go well.

It's a band of seasoned professionals, so the music and sound are guaranteed.
We were just giving young Miss Rose a taste of our loud rock-style guitars and drums, bright lights, and a soundman who will take good care of her.

She took it in stride, and won over the crowd right away.
I can practically smell natural talent, and she's home-baked bread and bacon.

One of maybe 6 buildings in town.
I can recommend the Belmont Social Club if you want a $23 steak dinner or $12 burger plate in the sticks somewhere between Seguin and Gonzalez, right by the intersection of Alt90 and 80. The food looked and smelled amazing. It's a BIG two room place that didn't have a single seat to spare, which is really saying something at those prices. My big city cynicism asks if it may just be the only decent meal within 40 miles, but what the hell do I know about Belmont Texas?

Speaking of prices...
Our next show will be at The Stafford Centre near Houston next Thursday, opening for country legend Ray Price.

It's Ray's birthday, so come out and show some love for someone who's seriously owned every stage including the Grand Old Opry and every roadhouse between Atlanta and Bakersfield.

From what I hear, the production company's liason was a little condescending, explaining in agonizing detail what we need to bring versus what is provided, in specificity, ad nauseum.
Our representative smiled at his phone and maintained a respectful demeanor and even resisted the urge to drop the classic "This ain't our first rodeo" line.
His text to me took 99% less time to deliver: "We bring backline--hotel rooms provided".
("Backline" = Our own guitars, basses, amplifiers/pedalboards, and drums).

Just because our singer is 17 doesn't mean the rest of us are.

But this isn't Natalie's first rodeo, either. She's done some big shows before meeting us.
Deliver the goods, she will.


Bruce said...

She's also got a good name to become a success.

Anonymous said...

I saw her opening for Kevin ournicFowler. She is a crowd pleaser and has an very powerful voice.