Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Wrapped Up

This was our Christmas Card photo:
Sylvia felt strongly about it, but I'm keeping my choice private in case it's needed in the future.

This one was probably #3, but would have required a return trip earlier in the evening and on a partly cloudy day to fill-in the black sky top-right:

Christmas trees are kinda cool in infrared:

A photo from the last Televators show:
Wish I could remember the photographer's name to give him proper credit, but it's my opinion that pics of me given to my band are fair game for blogging.
Bet he's as mystified as I am by club owner's lighting choices--they're like crows and ferrets fascinated by bright and shiny highlights moving around.

Here's my personal favorite from the Tennessee trip:
Nothing special--guess I just like the view. Means something to me.

For a change I tried staying "in the moment" this Christmas instead of looking for photo-ops, and concentrated on prep and hosting during our party.
It was a bit of a relief at the time although I kind of miss not getting anything worth sharing, now that I look back.

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