Monday, April 02, 2012

Drowning Worms

We weren't catching fish, but I guess it's still fishing if you're sitting there quietly and your line is wet...

This part of the Guadalupe is gorgeous, and I guess the water was too cold because there were no tubers to disturb us.

The only catch we witnessed was by one of these fly-fisherman in a small inflatable.
It was in the morning, and I was surprised that they landed anything with all the loud talking they were doing, plus their guide kept splashing the water with his oars despite using an anchor.

It provided a clue as to our lack of success, though--we couldn't quite reach the fish from our shoreline.

Google overhead view shows how shallow it is on the left side (that's our cabin a little below and to the left of center) and even casting halfway across the river you aren't anywhere near the fish.

We had zero results after a few hours at Canyon Lake, too, but at least I had a nibble and saw some big ones in the shallows by the shore.

Not complaining--fishing is fun and relaxing whether you land any or not.

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Albatross said...

Good times. Good times.

I haven't been fishing in at least a year. Gotta pull down the poles soon and dust them off, then get them a bit wet. And then I'll be fishing.

Catching is optional.