Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hiding Out

We took a mini-vacation to the Hill Country this week, and it was great.
Not counting Syl's trips to Chicago, Florida, Cancun, and that cruise, we haven't been anywhere in more years than I can pin down.

Back in December she found a good deal on Living Social for some cabins on the Guadalupe River, specifically the Horseshoe Bend just downstream from Canyon Dam.
Obviously not during peak times when they would be sold out anyway, but that's fine with us.
Ever taken a romantic walk on the beach while getting whipped by 30 mph/30 degree F winds plus sleet? That's how we roll.

The Hideout cabins are fairly new and in excellent condition, even right after spring break.

Getting down to the river and back up meant lots of stairs, and to keep with the natural stone decor we're talking random sizes and shapes so you really had to watch your step.
My thighs aren't as sore as expected, though.

The back porch was pretty rocking, with lots of furniture, ceiling fans, and a terrific view. Plus a wifi network antenna that never quite managed to connect us with the outside world.
(We were also in a rare weak zone for 3G and talk service, so our phone's only activity besides gaming was charging--for some reason the batteries were dying really fast, probably because they spent all their time and energy trying to connect to the various networks).

Gas fireplace was much appreciated. We were in their best cabins, which had central AC instead of window units. Didn't feel one bit guilty cranking up the cold air to compensate for a fire.

The giant tub was a thing of beauty, and the bathroom was enormous and posh.
My new favorite, because it was super-deluxe without going over the top.

There was even a urinal--no shit!
(I never bothered to use it, but Syl asked about the drunk-girls-in-bars techniques I have witnessed, so she may have given it a try).

No stove, but a nice fridge and microwave plus coffee machine which was all we really needed.
A crappy futon instead of a comfy couch was probably our main complaint. I'm thinking now that we should have just pulled some pieces off the porch since they were better.

I never looked at the available pictures online and didn't know much beyond "cabin" and what my past experiences suggested that meant.
I was prepared for an adventure and packed accordingly, so what we found was a very pleasant surprise to me and surpassed her expectations, too.
It was cozy and pretty and cheap, and we'll probably go back.

To be continued...

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