Saturday, August 25, 2012

Moving Forward

Busy week for me, how about you?

Forgot to mention that after two years away I finally wrote another review over at my friend Matthew's site 'thew's
In one of those quirky things, I went from having two guitar tuners that weren't useful in my situation to having two new ones that I really like.
If you know someone who plays, send them a link.

2012 has been an eventful year for me.

For example, after 32+ years in the music business I finally got to spend time in a real pro studio with my band and one of my songs ended up on iTunes.

Then there's the whole thing about me finally stepping foot in a movie theater after 28 years.

The new one is that after concentrating on the music thing exclusively for the past 17 years (photography doesn't really count) I went and got a regular day job last week.
Another Huge change.

I'm offically an executive assistant, but really just a guy who gets the work done.
My boss is an old friend who's business recently outgrew his apartment, so I've been doing a lot of sweating and lifting getting his new office space together plus some plumbing, electrical, and organizational stuff. Learning his biz is educational, and I've been filling orders and testing product too.
Turns out all the arcane knowledge and skills amassed over my life are worth something after all. Already created two new and unique gizmos to make part of my job go faster and be more accurate.

Getting my sleep cycle moved a little closer to normal hasn't been a picnic, but on the plus side in a few days I'll have a checkbook and debit card, so it's a fair trade.

After knowing about the possibility for 3 days I never told Sylvia a thing until the interview was over and I was hired.
It was a nice surprise.


Matthew Robertson said...

Congratulations, those are big changes. I can see you being thoroughly effective, if somewhat unconventional, in your new day job.

And one of my colleagues bought himself a Snark after reading your review.

Keith Alan K said...

Apparently I AM effective and unconventional, and the boss couldn't be happier.
Busier than I've been in decades which is good, but trying to get into a rhythm so this blog doesn't suffer anymore.
Hope your guy like his Snark as much as I do.