Saturday, August 11, 2012

What Are These?

Spotted these things on the underside of a margarita sweet potato leaf:

A closer view:
The must be eggs from some weird insect, but those stalk deals they are suspended upon is a new one on me.
Never seen or heard of such a thing.
Any ideas?

This was taken at the end of my birthday party last weekend:
That's Pinnacle Atomic Hots cinnamon vodka in them there shot glasses. Good stuff.

Our monkey collection grew to eight today, but I can assure you that they aren't all drunks like these two.


Have you bought a copy of my song Milk Run by Televators from iTunes yet?
99 cents is a good deal since it's like 7 minutes long.
At least 17 people from around the world LOVE my bass playing on this song--you will, too.

(It's also available from just about every other similar music site)

I need your pennies to feed my family and buy beer, so please download your copy today.
Thank you.


Albatross said...

I think those are lacewing eggs. I've seen them often enough to know they're fairly common, but they're pretty hard to see. I think they are usually on the undersides of leaves.

Albatross said...

P.S.: Downloading my copy of "Milk Run" right now.

Keith Alan K said...

Thanks for the ID and the pennies. Appreciate it mucho.

Sabra Wilhelm said...

I see them a lot in my garden too so I looked it up & came to the same conclusion. They ate said to be very beneficial.