Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Random Purchases Of Note

At Academy Sports & Outdoors, these banners have been slashed to around 15%.
Banner only, so pin it to the wall or improvise a compatible flag pole like I did using parts from a microphone stand.
Need to bring it back inside and iron it.

At Home Depot Sylvia spotted this incredible deal:
Not often you can get 16 light bulbs for $5.88
Even if half of them pop as soon as the more expensive ones, you're still way ahead.
Hilarious that the retro commemorative packaging mentions itself repeatedly.

Blanca Suave!!!
Cool White for my crackers needing translation.
Extra laughs because these cheapo bulbs are made in Hungary of all places.

Also needed some brighter bulbs for the bathroom to facilitate makeup and girly stuff, so I grabbed a 4-pack of these much different GE bulbs:
Supposedly delivering the same output as 100w incandescent bulbs, these GE "Energy-Efficient" bulbs only consume 72 watts.
As you can see in the photo, there is a small halogen bulb inside the normal one.
$6.97 for a 4-pack, made in Mexico instead of Hungary.
Where are GE's LED bulbs made?

Supposed to last way longer.
Have installed a pair and they are bright enough to back some of their claims, although it's difficult to prove the one about using 28% less energy.

Thanks for reading this weak's update.
It's my birthday, and with all of my work-type situations imploding right now it was fun to focus on dumb stuff from Home Depot. I won't discuss the toilet repair part we bought unless it doesn't work properly and I want to complain. My tip for home plumbing repairs is to never attempt them at night or on weekends, because if you screw anything up or another part nearby gets busted by an errant wrench you need professional backup.

So far I really like my new 2xAAA LED penlight used to illuminate the halogen bulb internals. I hope it stands up to hard use after my dissappointment with supposedly better units that cost 3x as much.

Does heavy music work with reality TV?
We'll be answering this question very soon.
When I floated the idea of Televators being on a reality show, Sylvia busted out laughing and couldn't stop for a very long time,
Then started up again.
And again the next time I mentioned it.
And again a few hours ago.
Can't say I disagree.

Stay tuned...

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