Sunday, July 14, 2013


Weird coincidence today, given the media obsession with events in Florida.
For about an hour I was worried about becoming the next George Zimmerman.

While potting some plant clippings on the patio around 5pm (thanks Eddie!) I noticed movement in the alley. Normally this would be deer, but it was too close to our fence and didn't follow the usual patterns. I'm trying to make sense out of what's visible thru the little gaps between fenceboards. Eventually resolves into somebody sitting with their back against our fence and doing stuff that involves moving their arms on a regular basis--that's all I can discern--but based on past evidence of drug and inhalant abuse in the same spot over the last few years I'm getting angry that whoever's getting freaky in our alley is back. I enlisted a spotter to keep track of them while I prepare my tools and we discuss a gameplan.
Police? No evidence that this is needed...yet.
Eventually our mystery man stands up and starts walking back and forth and possibly practicing Tai Chi, Yoga, or just dancing while completely wasted on a hot afternoon. We agreed that it was very bizarre behavior that needed intervention.
Ended up going out in the backyard fully prepared in a conspicuous way that's in keeping with Texas traditions and laws and banged my buttstock against the fence while eyeballing him over the top. Nice simple conversation with a white/semi-ginger punkass (20-ish) in red shorts wearing a backpack:

Me: "Hit the road, and DON'T come back!"
Him: "uh...OK" (walks away)

Got in the car and tried to catch him exiting the alley for a mugshot, but he had completely evaporated, which reinforces my earliest guess that it's a close neighbor kid who can't get high at home. He probably hopped his own fence a few houses down and hopefully realized what an idiot he's been and how close he came to having a very bad day.

Twice I've had to send big wet piles of blankets and pillows and drug paraphernalia to the landfill from the same spot--it's good to finally have a face to match with the evidence, if it's the same fool.
VERY glad it didn't escalate in any way.
Next time, now that he's been warned, the cops will be directed to come from each end of the alley and a complaint will be signed.

I'm tired of this asshole and want to be done with the nonsense.


Dave said...

It's interesting to me how many people who have never experienced this sort of thing, or tagging, or neighborhood break-ins that never seem to get resolved can so easily assume that Zimmerman was just some power hungry racist. Until you've experienced the frustration of repeated petty crimes and working with the police to try to put an end to it, only to realize that the police have more important fish to fry, only then can you understand what I suspect Zimmerman was feeling when he followed Martin.

Should you have shot the little drug user behind your fence? No, but I suspect that Zimmerman had no intent of shooting Martin, either. The fact that you were prepared for the "what if" possibility was quite smart.

Keith Alan K said...

Dave, you've managed to very clearly express myself--thank you. I haven't even mentioned two other events (one repeated) that were very disturbing and could have ended badly had they happened when I was home.
The safety of my family and the security of our belongings is my responsibility and I take it seriously, because nobody else can or will. I try to keep an eye open for my sweet elderly neighbors, too.
SAPD is great, but they only respond to our calls. It's always been up to the citizen to secure their perimeter themselves and thankfully here in Texas we are able to do that effectively with the support of the justice system. In Florida, too, as Zim wasn't charged or hassled until the federal gov't stuck it's nose in local/state business.